Material of the Month: METAL

header 2.jpg

The Studio | BRiNK design team fancies themselves as “material girls.” In this new Material of the Month series we are sharing what gets us excited about a variety of building materials. We’re kicking things off today with some of our application strategies and recent custom installs to showcase why metal really is one of our favorite materials to design with. 


1. Use Metal to Enhance BrandBranding example

A great way to set yourself apart is to utilize a metal feature as part of your company signage and first impression through the front door. Metal as a material can look very upscale and can help communicate a sense of high quality in both the space and organization.

Pictured above: A primary sight line through the front door, a combination of solid metal and metal mesh form a backdrop featuring the company’s logo.


2. Use Metal to Guide the User

hudl example.jpg

How do you want the traffic to flow in your building? How are you going to guide the user visually to their end destination? The simple science is that people will move toward something that catches their eye; out of curiosity really. Metal, in all it’s wonderful varieties of finishes and sheens, can be used as a eye-catcher and aid in wayfinding in a space. Whether it’s creating a focal point to guide or to add interest, you can get that bang for your buck with a metal application.

Pictured above: An interlocking metal panel system was designed to accentuate key points of building wayfinding; both the primary elevators and building directory.


3. Use Metal to Separate Spacefusion taste screens

There is a need in every project to create separation of space; for privacy, functionality or many other reasons. Because of its durability, and in the right finishes, cleanability, metal offers a great option for space dividers in high traffic areas. Not to mention the fact that you can customize it with different patterns to suit your overall look.

Pictured above: Metal screens, laser cut and powder coated, provide a sense of separation between two dining spaces without blocking the visual through.


4. Use Metal to Add Unexpected Details

Brew tap

Who doesn’t love a little something extra that is unexpected and unique to their space? Metal is highly customizable, and therefor the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind, conversation starter pieces is endless.

Pictured above: A custom brew tap made from metal pipe and fittings offers a more industrial and unexpected look to the traditional counter-mounted tap system.

[photography thanks to Tom Kessler + Dan Schwalm]


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