Good acoustics are a VERY important element when it comes to user comfort in a space. Noise affects task performance, reduces motivation and increases the amount of errors made. It can also cause elevated blood pressure, impede communication and cause emotional exhaustion. 

We are seeing more and more of our clients investing in acoustical elements in their spaces. And at Studio | BRiNK we are also product designers, which means we are fully equipped to design sound absorption solutions that are one-of-a-kind just for you!

TheBridge_011a light
colors-option-2-e1499727877635.jpg[Pictured above: Final installation and partial design sketch for the custom acoustical wall panels at The Bridge Hub project in Ottumwa, Iowa. Custom design by: Studio | BRiNK, photo credit: Dan Schwalm.]


Additionally we’re seeing the quantity and quality of acoustical products in the market is on the rise. In the spirit of this we’re sharing a few of our favorite creative acoustics installs today that fuel our design fire! Check out the slideshow below…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[Images courtesy of Pinterest.]

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