Well HELLO There!

We’re so happy you stopped by. At Studio | BRiNK we love to share, so we hope you’ll check back with us from time to time to see what we’ve been up to! For those of you that might not be too familiar, here’s a great little overview of who we are and what we do…

We are Problem Solvers

001 Studio | BRiNK design professionals meet with clients and contractors at the site of a future community center in Ottumwa, IA.

Every problem is a design problem. Whether it be the way you design a physical space, or the way you design a conversation to be collaborative and productive. Studio | BRiNK approaches our clients, our end users and the variety of design professionals we work along side with the same mentality. We want to work with everyone on board to efficiently and effectively solve problems.

We are User-Centered

002Patrons enjoy the vibrant “west coast” vibe created by Studio | BRiNK’s design for Thirst Tea, Omaha [photo cred: Omaha World-Herald].

Studio | BRiNK designs based on the fundamental principle that space affects people. And we like to make sure it affects them for the better. When people enjoy your space, they enjoy your company, your values and the community you’ve created. This means, sales, productivity, attendance and use. We design with you and your users in mind.

We are Dreamers and Explorers

003Custom Studio | BRiNK design solution for a steam punk themed restaurant.

At Studio | BRiNK we like to think big. We push our design solutions to the very brink, just as our name would suggest. We do so as a way to give our clients tailor-made solutions that are fit just for them. Remember what happened the last time you tried to put a square peg in a round hole? It didn’t fit. In a similar fashion, it is not our desire to give you a cookie cutter solution built for the needs of someone else. Instead, your solutions are built for you.

We are Woman-Owned

004Studio | BRiNK design lead, Amanda Swartwout, mentors a young designer.

Studio | BRiNK is proud to be a woman-owned organization. We offer diversity on your project as well as bring a unique and empathetic approach to the team. We think you will enjoy our fresh perspective.

We are Award-Winning

005Studio | BRiNK’s design for Thirst Tea, Omaha was the recipient of IIDA’s Best in Hospitality award in 2014 [photo cred: Dan Schwalm].

Studio | BRiNK is lead by an award winning interior design professional. Amanda Swartwout has received over a dozen awards in the last decade from AIA, IIDA and ASID.


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